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Divorce and Criminal Attorneys in Nassau County and Suffolk County

With a results-driven and client-oriented approach, the attorneys at Helfer & Helfer LLP represent Long Island residents with high standards of integrity and professionalism. Since 1981, we have focused on the specific needs of our clients facing complex legal matters, including:

Cheryl M. Helfer, Experienced Nassau County Divorce Lawyer

Admitted to practice for over 30 years, attorney Cheryl M. Helfer's practice is almost exclusively limited to matrimonial and family law matters. This has provided her with the experience and expertise in effectively representing clients in divorce, custody, domestic abuse, abuse and neglect cases in both the Supreme Court and the Family Court. In addition to litigated matters, Cheryl Helfer is a trained mediator engaged in both private mediation and collaborative practice.

Michael Helfer, Long Island Criminal Defense Lawyer

A former Assistant District Attorney, attorney Michael Helfer combines experience as a prosecutor with his knowledge and experience as a criminal defense lawyer possessing insight into the opposing side, a valuable asset that has benefited his clients since he established the firm in 1981. Involved in all areas of criminal defense, Michael Helfer handles all criminal cases including drunk driving, drug offenses, sex offenses, assault as well as misdemeanor and violation offenses.

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